February 15, 2017

With the new colortramp® smb starts colorful fireworks! Experiencing the amazing feeling of weightlessness – whether alone or together, with Pi, Switch or modulus Crossover: smb-trampolines already bring plenty of joy to children all over the world! The smb-product lines classic and modulus will be really colorful. All jump mats for the trampoline types S, XL and Pi as well as switch, modulus 60 and modulus 90 are available in ten different flashing colors. As for the classic line S, XL and Pi smb additionally offers a variety of 32 motifs.

Real colorful fireworks – let yourself be inspired!

Have a look on the complete diversity of our trampolines. Furthermore you can experience our colorful trampoline family in advance in the online catalogue colortramp®:

smb catalogue colortramp® to scroll smb colortramp smb colortramp smb colortramp